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Undergraduate Researchers

Research Week provides excellent ways for students to learn about research opportunities and present their own research, and for departments, colleges, and programs to showcase their students’ achievements. Events range from undergraduate poster presentations, exhibitions, performances, and symposia to guest speakers and workshops aimed at helping undergraduates achieve their research goals. Don’t miss the multi-disciplinary Longhorn Research Poster Session, which will take place on Wednesday, April 17, 12-2 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.

Click on a researcher to learn more about his or her undergraduate research experience. Visit the student success page for stories from all Undergraduate Studies programs.

Headshot of student researcher Brianna Barry
Major: Biochemistry
Graduation Year: Spring 2016
“Students at UT are so privileged to have such innovative research at their fingertips.”
Briana Gray
Major: Computer Science
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media

Briana Gray is a computer science senior who has worked on video and computer game design. Her experiences in the Game and Mobile Media Application program and the Bridging Disciplines Program in Digital Arts & Media have led to her involvement in creating several games, both in group projects and on her own. This work lies at the intersection of creative activity and research.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Nathan Riojas is a senior mechanical engineering major who has taken part in research on a cardiovascular bioreactor.

Major: Speech Language Pathology

Whitney Barlow is a speech-language pathology senior who has conducted undergraduate research on stuttering and brain activity that accompanies the learning of new sounds.

Major: Radio-Television-Film

Camille Brooks is a Radio-Television-Film junior who has created graphic design and television production graphics for several organizations, including Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Alex Fischer
Major: Plan II Honors, Rhetoric and Writing, and Philosophy

Alexander’s undergraduate research topic was the rhetoric used in the debate preceding the 2003 Iraq War.

“Answering a big question about which you’re passionate is fulfilling and rewarding.”
Christine Nbemeneh
Major: Liberal Arts Honors, Government, and Public Relations

Christine’s undergraduate research on black business history led to her becoming the founding associate editor of a new undergraduate research journal.

“We are taking the lessons we’ve learned in the classroom, conducting scholarly research, and applying it to our lives and future careers.”
Sara Saastamoinen
Major: Plan II Honors and Management

Sara’s undergraduate research examined how travel and luxury in the works of James Bond author Ian Fleming have shaped consumer behavior.

“I wanted to pick a field that would be fun, with interesting materials and the opportunity to travel for research.”
Maria Renteria
Major: Social Work and Anthropology

Maria’s undergraduate research project investigated gender and environment, and how these factors impact mental health in border communities.

“The most surprising thing has been being able to go to conferences and meet other professionals who can provide more perspective and strengthen your research.”
Nicole Tsao
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Nicole has engaged in undergraduate research by studying language processing in bilinguals and in noisy listening environments.

“My graduate student mentor approached me about this project, and it was a perfect bridge between my interests.”