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The Global Undergraduate Awards

The Global Undergraduate Awards recognize the world’s top undergraduate research projects from a variety of disciplines spanning the humanities, sciences, and visual arts. Students are invited to submit research essays or special projects completed as part of their coursework that present fresh ideas and new arguments. Assessed by an international panel of academics, winning students will have their work published in the Undergraduate Awards Journal.

The selection process is competitive, with submissions from top universities all over the world. Students are eligible to apply in one of 25 categories. The top 10% of submissions in each category receive a certificate of commendation, and the winner in each category has their expenses paid to attend the UA Global Summit, a three-day conference for top undergraduate scholars held at the Google headquarters in Dublin. Previous winners include UT alumna Lidia Plaza, who received an Undergraduate Award in 2013 in Historical Studies for her paper entitled “The First Crime of Fashion: Cloth and Clothing Theft in Eighteenth-Century London.”

Deadline for submissions is June 2, 2020.


Student Eligibility

  • The Global Undergraduate Awards 2020 Programme accepts submissions from students and recent graduates from the class of 2019, 2020, or 2021 (full time and part time).
  • UA also accepts coursework from students of five-year degrees where relevant, including medical students, and students of law or architecture.

See Student Eligibility Criteria for more information.

Submission Eligibility

  • Coursework entered must have received an A grade, a 2.1, or equivalent.
  • Entries must have been completed as undergraduate coursework with a portion of credits for the paper/project going toward an overall undergraduate degree.
  • Group work is only accepted in the Computer Science category.
  • Represents the highest standard of intellectual and scholarly achievement
  • Embodies a piece of independent and original work
  • Takes the form of a text-based essay/project, with images/graphics where relevant
  • Takes the form of a critical/analytical discourse
  • Between 1,750 – 5,000 words (up to 12,000 for some math & science subfields)

View Submission Eligibility Criteria for more information.


For complete information about the application process, please see the Undergraduate Award Submission Guide.

  1. Register
  2. Review the Student and Submission Eligibility Criteria
  3. Identify the most suitable academic category
  4. Write a 100 – 300 word abstract to accompany your paper/project
  5. Fill out the submission form

Deadline for submissions is June 2, 2020.