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The Summer Research Scholars (SRS) program is a collection of separate research experiences for undergraduates (REUs), each of which is coordinated by its own faculty or staff member. The OUR brings all of these separate programs together under the Summer Research Scholars banner to create a common academic and social experience for the student participants.

The OUR works with coordinators by serving as a conduit for information about summer housing, dining, health services, sports, and social activities. With the generous support of the College of Natural Sciences and The Graduate School, the OUR also hosts a welcome reception and social and educational events for all the students and program coordinators, as well as organizing poster design workshops culminating in a final poster session.

Check back in February for more information on how to make your REU a part of the Summer Research Scholars program. The OUR will issue a call for completed Program Information Forms at that time.

Resources for SRS REU coordinators

Poster printing for Summer Research Scholars Poster Session, through the Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science in the College of Natural Sciences.

Scheduled events for SRSP

Summer Special Group Housing

Summer Special Group Dining

UT RecSports – Student Summer Access Information
Memberships Office: 512-471-6370