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Find Undergraduate Researchers

Are you interested in finding a student to assist on a project? The Office of Undergraduate Research can help. Depending on your needs, you may choose one of the following methods to find the right student(s).

Use Our Listserv

Advertise an open position through the Office of Undergraduate Research listserv. Recipients include students across campus who have expressed interest in receiving postings for research positions. Please email or call us at 512-471-7152 with the following information:

  1. Your name, department, and contact information.
  2. A brief description of your research project.
  3. A brief description of the responsibilities of the student assistant.
  4. The semester(s) you would like the student to be available.
  5. A list of any special qualifications or restrictions for applicants.
  6. Instructions regarding how to apply (e.g. what materials you want from students, how you want to be contacted and by what deadline).

Post on EUREKA

EUREKA in an online resource for undergraduate researchers that allows any faculty member to post an opening on a research project, which will then become available to students through a searchable database.