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Ling Zhong

Graduation Year:
May 2019
"I would advise students who are interested in doing undergraduate research to start finding opportunities as soon as possible."

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Chang Liu

Name of project: Speech Perception for Native and Non-native English Speakers:
Effects of Contextual Cues and Noise Background

Please give a brief, simplified overview of your research project
The purpose of this study is to investigate the differences between native English speakers and
native Chinese speakers on using contextual cues to perceive speech in quiet and multi-talker

Describe the tasks you engage in as part of your work.
I participated in designing the test, collecting data, and analyzing test results.

Describe what you thought college might be like before you came to UT. Did you consider research when thinking about college?
Before I came to UT, I did not have any specific expectations about college life. While I gradually came to understand that undergraduate students were able to participate in both internships and research, I did not exactly understand what engaging in “research” meant. It was only as I began searching for research opportunities to participate in that I was able to strengthen and develop my understanding of academic research.

How did you get involved with your research project?
I did my current research project under the supervision of Dr. Liu; a professor in the
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. I had taken one of Dr. Liu’s courses in the past and was quite interested in some of his research topics. I reached out to him and eventually began working on this project.

Do you see your project connecting with your plans for your future?
This was my first independent research project; the experience has helped me develop my overall
understanding of academic research as well as shaped my inclination towards engaging in either research or clinical work in my future graduate study.

What is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve gotten to do for this project?
The most interesting thing I have gotten to do for this project is collect test data from
participants. Before I test each participant, I explain the test material and procedure
to them as well as let them know why I need their participation. I enjoy this process
because it shows others why this research is meaningful.

What advice would you give to a student who was thinking about research?
I would advise students who are interested in doing undergraduate research to start finding opportunities as soon as possible.