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The School of Undergraduate Studies and the Office of Undergraduate Research hosted events across the Forty Acres showcasing undergraduate research and creative projects for Research Week. We talked with students at the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP) poster session and the Longhorn Research Poster Session to get their take on conducting undergraduate research and how it has enhanced their time at The University of Texas at Austin.
On Saturday, April 14, The University of Texas at Austin celebrated its 70th annual Honors Day Ceremony, where seven students from the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) were recognized for their outstanding academic achievement.
The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) celebrated graduating seniors and students who have transferred into their intended major. Students enjoyed ice cream and played lawn games while catching up with UGS classmates, Dean Brent Iverson, and their former Vick Center academic advisors and career counselors at the turtle pond on Wednesday, April 11.
Each year, Research Week showcases an array of undergraduate research projects from across the Forty Acres. Students present their projects and promote the impressive opportunities available at a tier-one research institution.
For the second year, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) has granted Student Researcher Awards to support undergraduate researchers with their current studies and future careers. The awards encourage undergraduates to participate in research regardless of their financial resources.
The School of Undergraduate Studies honored a year’s worth of outstanding student papers with the second Writing Flag Awards in a ceremony on Friday, March 23. Students submitted work in one of four categories: research, critical/persuasive, creative/reflective, and collaborative, a new category this year. Prizes were awarded to work that best demonstrated clarity, inventiveness, and intellectual rigor. First place winners for each category were awarded $300, second place received $200, and third place was awarded $100.
Learning through experience has always been an integral part of the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP). When students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life, they develop the confidence and insight that prepare them for life after college. The richly rewarding internships and research assistantships regularly offered to students by community organizations, non-profits, clinics, faculty-led research projects, and institutes are what complete the BDP experience.
As one of the premier research institutions in the nation, The University of Texas at Austin is an ideal place for students to dream big. Across campus, UT students are imagining new, innovative ways to rethink the status quo. A new undergraduate certificate program, Design Strategies builds on this energy and provides structure to students looking for ways to explore innovative problem-solving.
In this ongoing advice column, former UGS students who have transferred into their new major help current students navigate major exploration, the internal transfer process, and more. Dear UGS Alumni Guide, How did you decide on a major? What resources did you use to get there? Thanks! Hi all, my name is Angie!
Ethics hasn’t always played a large role in undergraduate college coursework. In some disciplines, especially in the technical fields, students might not encounter ethical issues until they enroll in graduate courses. The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is working, and providing money, to help change that. A new course teaching ethics in computer science was developed with the assistance of the Ethics & Leadership Flag Course Development Awards.