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Ethics hasn’t always played a large role in undergraduate college coursework. In some disciplines, especially in the technical fields, students might not encounter ethical issues until they enroll in graduate courses. The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is working, and providing money, to help change that. A new course teaching ethics in computer science was developed with the assistance of the Ethics & Leadership Flag Course Development Awards.
The second annual Transfer Student Leadership Summit, hosted by the Transfer-Year Experience (TYE) program in the School of Undergraduate Studies, brought together student leaders from transfer student support programs across Texas. Students convened to discuss common transfer experience themes, present on support initiatives, and build a peer network. Fifty students and staff from 10 Texas colleges and universities participated in the two-day event.
Students seeking an edge for midterms and finals have new resources to consider. This semester, the Sanger Learning Center has removed fees for one-on-one tutoring. Unlimited free tutoring is a pilot program to determine how the changes will impact usage and staffing needs.
The Blackstone LaunchPad will participate in three events during SXSW EDU. In its eighth year, the education-focused offshoot of the South by Southwest conference brings administrators, teachers, business professionals, and members of the government and non-profit sectors together from March 5-8 “with a shared goal of impacting the future of teaching and learning.”
The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) hosted five events for school groups and families on Saturday, March 3 at Explore UT. UGS Council invited children to attend “Superhero Boot Camp,” where they built light switches with Storm, completed puzzles with Thor, guided Captain America through a maze, and more. These activities highlighted how superhero skills can correspond to job skills.
If you find your focus wandering as you study for that exam or write a paper, the solution could be in your back pocket. More specifically, the solution could be removing what’s in your back pocket—your smartphone. Research conducted by a professor at The University of Texas at Austin shows the constant, convenient connection we gain from our smartphones often comes at the expense of our ability to focus.
This distinction is given to UGS students who earned a grade point average in the top 4% of their class.
The third annual Interdisciplinary Studies Week (ISW), hosted by the Senate of College Councils and Undergraduate Studies Council, matched 63 students in the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) across 37 majors and 10 undergraduate colleges and schools with a mentor enrolled in a major they’re interested in pursuing.
As of January 1, Mitch Jacobson is the new executive director of the Blackstone LaunchPad.
A team of undergraduates at The University of Texas at Austin combines teaching, language, and the arts into a program that serves K-12 schoolchildren of all backgrounds.