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Undergraduate Studies Council hosts a week of events open to all UT students.
View an infographic of highlights at the Sanger Learning Center from the past year.
David Spight, assistant dean for advising in the School of Undergraduate Studies, has been elected president of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).
Erin Schwartz graduated in December 2014 with a B.S. in Nursing and an Ethics & Leadership BDP certificate. She currently works as a critical care nurse and a research assistant at UT’s School of Nursing.
Digital Arts & Media BDP student James Rauhut helped develop an app that was downloaded over 5,000 times the first week of its release.
Two linguistics professors enlisted the help of undergraduates, including a computer engineering student, for their Spanish in Texas project.
With a new semester approaching, a learning specialist from the Sanger Learning Center reflects on her time in college and shares five tips to help students get ahead.
From the arrival of our inaugural Forty Acres Scholar to the end of our efforts to raise nearly $9 million of the Campaign for Texas total, 2014 was full of exciting news for the School of Undergraduate Studies.
UGS staff members won many awards in 2014, and we recently honored two of our own with the Undergraduate Studies Staff Award.
In the Digital Writing and Research Lab, undergraduate and graduate students work together to develop experimental approaches to producing and understanding texts.