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UGS Council: A Community for Undeclared Students

Navigating the Forty Acres can be overwhelming. It’s easy for first-year students to feel lost in a sea of resources, especially students without majors. Through participation in Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Council, however, undeclared students are discovering they’re not alone.

UGS Council strives to create a sense of community by serving as the hub for undergraduate resources. Council is a home for all undeclared students and welcomes members weekly. At Monday meetings in the Student Activity Center, Council presents information on upcoming events and resources. As undeclared students explore their interests and potential majors, they are guided and supported by former and current undeclared students who provide insight by sharing their mistakes and, more importantly, the lessons they learned.

This guidance takes several forms, including direct solutions, panels about choosing a major, career conversations, guest speakers, leadership opportunities, or discussions with Undergraduate Studies Dean Brent Iverson. This semester, UGS Council hosted an Alumni Guide Panel in which former UGS students offered an inside perspective on major exploration and the internal transfer process.

“It’s all about community,” said UGS Council executive board member Mariel Calara. “We all know the struggle to find that sense of belonging, and the only way to provide that is to tell your story and to surrounded by those who understand and can help you.”

Get to know the Executive Board

The 2018-2019 UGSC Executive Board is led by Amanda Berthy (President), David Lunan (Vice President), Emily McCullough (Financial Director), and Mariel Calara (Public Relations Director). These four members, along with Ishi Tripathi (Senate Representative) and Naquia Lokhandwala (Student Government Representative), create a team unified by one mission: to serve as a resource for undeclared students.

Meet the board every Monday in SAC 3.112B from 5-6 p.m. during weekly Council meetings.