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Alex Arambula Named Texas Parents Outstanding Student

Alex Arambula in ParisAlex Arambula, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering and Plan II, is one of two students to receive the 2013 Texas Parents Outstanding Student Award in recognition of her impressive academic record, commitment to service, and strong leadership. Arambula is currently completing pre-med requirements and hopes to attend medical school and conduct clinical research.

Much of Arambula’s mentoring and leadership experience took place in Undergraduate Studies programs. Arambula served as a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) mentor for three years and has participated in the Sanger Learning Center’s Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying (PLUS) program for over three years.

Currently, Armabula works as a PLUS senior preceptor for Genetics, and was recently featured profiled as an outstanding Sanger Learning Center student leader. Speaking about her experience training PLUS preceptors, she said, “I often find myself learning valuable interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities from my preceptors during our weekly planning meetings.”

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