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Undergraduate Studies Awards Staff

The School of Undergraduate Studies honored three staff members and three supervisors for their outstanding contributions to the school’s mission to enrich the undergraduate experience at The University of Texas at Austin.

Outstanding Staff

Alan Grimes

If you’ve seen a t-shirt, poster, or any other UGS-branded item, you’ve seen the work of Alan Grimes. As communications and design manager, Alan designs material for every program in the UGS portfolio. In creating the school’s annual impact report in 2017, Alan combined student profiles, data, and a streamlined design to tell the school’s story in a unique way.

Alan’s nominator wrote, “His ability to take an idea or a description and turn it into an effective, persuasive, eye-catching work of art is truly remarkable. He is able to capture the essence of the School of Undergraduate Studies while maintaining the UT style and creating something memorable that our students appreciate.”

Kelly Frazer

Kelly Frazer has consistently gone above and beyond her role as an advisor in her three years with the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling. She started as an assistant academic advisor and was promoted to senior academic advisor within one year. She helps train all new advisors and helped reinvent the plan to support UGS students without a major in their third semester.

“Kelly is a seasoned advisor in novice clothes,” her nominator wrote. “She is always willing to take on more and help more. She is a constant source of positive energy with her students and staff.”

Anne Bradley

As the executive assistant to the dean, Anne Bradley’s role is fundamental to the school’s day-to-day operations. When she isn’t juggling the dean’s schedule, planning meetings for the staff, or managing the activities of the entire dean’s office, she is training new student workers or coming up with a system to streamline procedures in the office.

Anne’s nominator wrote, “Anne is the heart of the UGS dean’s office. She’s a skilled diplomat, organizational whiz, juggler of schedules, gatekeeper, supervisor of student employees, office manager, and air traffic controller all in one. We’re incredibly lucky to have Anne in this role and she is highly deserving of acknowledgement for all she does.”

Outstanding Supervisors

Three staff members in management positions were also recognized for their hard work in 2017. From streamlining the school’s financial processes, to accommodating a record freshman class, or finding new ways to present student data and metrics, these supervisors consistently rose to the occasion. Dean Brent Iverson had this to say about each of the awardees:

Tamela Walker

“Tamela was able to endure tremendous changes surrounding the way that finances are handled behind the scenes at UT. This has been no easy task but she was able to keep things moving ahead smoothly in spite of these big changes.”

Patty Micks

“Patty skillfully accommodated a record freshman class in both the Signature Courses and First-Year Interest Groups. This was quite a feat with no new resources, but Patty and her team handled these challenges with patience and care.”

Laura Costello

“Laura has brought a tremendous new culture of rigorous assessment to the School of Undergraduate Studies. She has found new ways to present assessment information to the entire school so that we can continue to enhance the lives of undergraduates at The University of Texas at Austin.”

Associate Dean Larry Abraham, Kelly Frazer, Tamela Walker, Alan Grimes, Anne Bradley, Patty Micks, and Dean Brent Iverson. Laura Costello not pictured.