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Sanger Learning Center Removes Fees for One-on-One Tutoring

Students seeking an edge for midterms and finals have new resources to consider. This semester, the Sanger Learning Center has removed fees for one-on-one tutoring. Unlimited free tutoring is a pilot program to determine how the changes will impact usage and staffing needs.

“While we have long been able to offer a limited number of free sessions, this spring we are taking steps to remove fees altogether,” says Paige Schilt, interim director of the center. “We recognize the financial burdens that many students are shouldering, and we want to make sure that academic support is accessible to all.”

Sanger tutors are selected through a rigorous process that includes subject-matter exams and mock tutoring sessions. Once hired, the tutors undergo extensive training, mentoring, and evaluation throughout the semester.

Tutoring is only one of the many free services available through the Sanger Learning Center. Students with public speaking assignments can get 1-on-1 help with planning and rehearsing through Sanger’s Public Speaking Center. Those who want to sharpen their study skills can sign up for a Peer Academic Coach or meet with a professional Learning Specialist to work on reading effectively, time management, test preparation, and more.

Peer tutors offer a number of advantages: they provide a more student-centered perspective and a vested interest in helping other students achieve their academic goals. “Our tutors are some of the best student educators on campus,” says Program Coordinator Ed Fernandez, who trains and supervises around 170 tutors in math, natural sciences, foreign languages, engineering, and business.

One-on-one turoting in the Sanger Learning Center