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Undergraduate Studies at Explore UT

The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) hosted five events for school groups and families on Saturday, March 3 at Explore UT. UGS Council invited children to attend “Superhero Boot Camp,” where they built light switches with Storm, completed puzzles with Thor, guided Captain America through a maze, and more. These activities highlighted how superhero skills can correspond to job skills. Over 150 students graduated from boot camp were invited to take a graduation photo with the UGS Ambassadors at the “Future Graduate Photo Booth.”

For students interested in pursuing research at the collegiate level, the Office of Undergraduate Research hosted a video gallery, which streamed research videos from past Research Showdowns, and information sessions. To better prepare students for college, the Sanger Learning Center led a conversation with a panel of current UT students sharing what they wish they knew before attending college.

UGS Dean Brent Iverson served as chair of this year’s Explore UT. Iverson visited a cancer research lab at the Dell Medical School, UGS Council’s superhero boot camp at the turtle pond, and spent time thanking volunteers at various events across the Forty Acres. Iverson also assisted professor Kate Biberdorf in her “Fun With Chemistry” presentation in front of a packed audience in the auditorium of the Student Activity Center. The day concluded with the dean’s closing remarks and a giant class photo in front of the tower

“As I walked around at Explore UT, I could see that this was a truly amazing experience for our visitors,” said Dean Brent Iverson. “I have to thank the incredible staff, faculty, and students who put this all together so we can showcase the many valuable resources that UT Austin has to offer.”

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