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Dear UGS Liaison: Time Management Tips

In this ongoing advice column, former UGS students who have transferred into their new major help current students navigate major exploration, the internal transfer process, and more.

Dear UGS Liaison,

How do you manage your time and organize your study schedule? How do you plan for the semester ahead?

Thanks for the help!

Denise Zamora

Dear Longhorn,

Time management is the key to success in college. Managing your time allows you to cram in everything you want to do in just four years. It took me two years in college to figure out what method worked for me and every year it seemed to change. Here are a few tips:

  • Regardless of your time management method, try to plan ahead as much as possible so you have more time for things like last-minute studying or free time.
  • Use the right tools to manage your time. I personally use Google calendars and academic planners. I use my Google calendar to schedule class, appointments, work, etc. Then I use my academic planner to write down due dates, exams, and events.
  • Once you have your dates in order, organize your study schedule by noting when exams are and calculating how many days are left until the exam.
  • Review your notes right after class since the material is fresh in your mind.
  • When you do have free time, use it wisely. Study during those one or two-hour gaps between classes.
  • When thinking about the bigger picture of organizing your class schedule, I recommend planning for the upcoming semester prior to visiting your advisor. This will help you stay on track and balance your coursework. This way you know what to expect and you can plan accordingly.
  • Along those lines, look at your degree plan to schedule the classes you need for graduation. Preparing and getting ahead will help you secure your first-choice classes during registration.

I hope that helps!

Denise Zamora
Bilingual education, 4th year

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