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Dear UGS Liaison: McCombs School of Business

In this ongoing advice column, former UGS students who have transferred into their new major help current students navigate major exploration, the internal transfer process, and more.

Dear UGS Liaison,

When did you decide that you wanted to transfer into the McCombs School of Business? How did you know you wanted to be a business major? What resources did you use to get there? What’s it like?


Hopeful Future Business Major

Tasha Torres

Dear Future Business Major,

Coming into The University of Texas at Austin, the only thing I knew for sure was what I didn’t want to do, so that is where I started. I went to the Vick Center, got a list of majors from my advisor, and went through the list scratching out majors until I was left with only two colleges at UT Austin that had multiple majors left that I would not hate (McCombs and Moody).

After that, I did a few things. First, through UGS Council, I talked to older students in both colleges and asked them about their experiences. I also joined an organization in McCombs (Hispanic Business Students Association). By talking to other students, I got to hear about what types of classes they took, what the majority of their assignments were like, and what kinds of jobs they were interviewing for.

Most importantly, however, I went to a Vick Center career counselor and she helped me narrow down the types of majors that had career paths that fit the soft skills I already had. I knew I wanted to do something that had quantitative work but that also involved a lot of communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution. My career advisor helped me discover that accounting, specifically auditing, fit all of my criteria. I also looked into other majors that could take me toward the same career through different routes (ex. actuarial science, economics, finance) in case I didn’t get into McCombs.

Overall, I love McCombs, and I love my major. Taking time to discover what matters helped me become more self-aware which has guided all of my decisions as I plan my future. The beauty of UGS is that you are not pigeonholed into thinking you are the one major you start with; you get to explore all of the things that matter to you, and that allows you to discover things you might not have originally thought you wanted. Four years ago, I never would have thought I would be an accounting student, getting my Master’s degree, and interning at Ernst & Young. If I had started with a major, I might not have explored and would not have found the best major for me.


Tasha Torres
Integrated Masters in Professional Accounting (iMPA), 4th year

Dear UGS Liaison is an ongoing advice column in which we publish select responses from our liaisons. Do you have a question for a UGS Liaison? Email a liaison for a personal response.