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Introducing the 2020-2021 UGS Council Executive Officers

At the end of the 2020 spring semester, Undergraduate Studies Council (UGSC) elected four executive officers for the 2020-2021 academic year. Council held its final round of elections for the remaining leadership positions, like Senate representative and auxiliary committee chairs, this fall. UGSC President Wesley Brewer said, “as an executive team, our goals this year are to increase our membership so we can help as many UGS students as possible find and be knowledgeable about their career path! We also hope to help UGS students find their community at UT; regardless of being online, there is a place for everyone at UT.”

The Undergraduate Studies Council is the official student organization for the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS). UGSC deliberates and votes on Senate of College Councils legislation relevant to UGS, presents proposals and legislation on behalf of students to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, hosts social events for students, and organizes town hall meetings with the school’s administration to address student concerns.

Meet the Executive Officers

Wesley Brewer Wesley Brewer, president
Hometown: Lewisville, TX
Year: Second
Major: Physical culture and sports, College of Education

“I joined Council to get to know more UGS students and also to find more information on what I wanted to major in, which changed to sport management. As president, I am looking forward to helping many UGS students find their path at UT and feel more comfortable as part of the Longhorn community.”

Nadia Syed Nadia Syed, vice president
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Year: Second
Major: Public relations, Moody College of Communication

“I joined Council to find people who were going through a similar situation as me my freshmen year. I also needed more information about internal transfer and finding other majors, and council was the perfect place to start! As vice president this year, I am looking forward to providing UGS students with the same information I needed during my freshman year. I also hope to create a safe space for UGS students to make friends and ask the plethora of questions I know they must have.”

Benjamin Farias Benjamin Farias, financial director
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Year: Second
Major: Management information systems, McCombs School of Business

“I joined Council to try to make a difference at UT. I was very interested in the legislative aspect with Senate and thought it was a really cool opportunity to do something that would outlast my time at UT. I’m looking forward to working with Senate and UGS to allocate money to organizations so they can have great virtual events. I know this semester looks weird, but I’m hoping we can provide funding to make future events a little more impactful.”

Courtney Clark Courtney Clark, public relations director
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Year: Second
Major: Sustainability studies, College of Liberal Arts

“I joined Council because I wanted to meet new friends, learn about UT resources, and impact campus through voting on legislation. As PR director, I’m looking forward to meeting new members and setting up events to get to know them better!”

Alyssa Titone Alyssa Titone, Senate representative
Hometown: Montgomery, TX
Year: First
Major: Undeclared, School of Undergraduate Studies

“I joined Council because I already felt super welcomed by the upperclassmen who were formerly in UGS and currently in Council. They are so nice and helpful, and I thought it would be a great community to be involved in. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and being able to be a leader in the legislative committee and meeting other presidents, vice presidents, and reps. I hope to gain a better understanding of student legislation and be able to write new pieces of legislation and make a difference at UT.”