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Career Conversations with Matt Wright

Matt Wright

On Wednesday, October 11, UGS students ate dinner and talked with with Matt Wright, the co-founder of Wright Bros. Brew & Brew. Wright was the inaugural speaker of Career Conversations, a new series that brings professionals to campus and allows students a chance to ask questions about potential career paths and to gain insights into successfully navigating all that the university has to offer.

Wright, a 2004 UT alum, told his story of how a one-time computer science major turned English/Plan II graduate became a successful restauranteur and entrepreneur. After graduating, Wright spent time as a copy editor, a journalist, a wedding photographer, and a spam optimizer. While his time in these jobs was a valuable chance to try new things, he was not fulfilled in any of his various jobs. Then, in 2013, Wright and his brother founded Brew & Brew–a coffee shop and beer bar in East Austin–and he’s been happy in his career ever since. Through Wright’s story, students were reassured that successful career paths aren’t necessarily a straight line.

Wright encouraged students to talk to people and be persistent in trying different career options. His one takeaway for students? “Balance being an excellent student with finding the work you love. Make sure your day-to-day work is something you enjoy.”

Career Conversations is a twice-per-semester speaker series hosted by the School of Undergraduate Studies.