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Longtime Partnerships and BDP Annual Award Winners Recognized

Learning through experience has always been an integral part of the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP). When students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life, they develop the confidence and insight that prepare them for life after college. The richly rewarding internships and research assistantships regularly offered to students by community organizations, non-profits, clinics, faculty-led research projects, and institutes are what complete the BDP experience.

To celebrate the fifteenth year of the BDPs, the program honored outstanding organizations from the Austin community that have shown great commitment to the success of the program by continually hosting students for internships.

The following organizations have regularly hosted BDP interns for 10 or more years:

The following organizations have hosted the largest number of BDP students as interns:

And one organization, Communities in Schools Central Texas has been hosting BDP students as interns since the earliest years of the program, with 13 students since 2003, 15 years.

The BDPs are deeply honored by the collaboration with these generous community organizations. The program is looking forward to many more years of working together to provide students with rewarding internship experiences.

Annual awards were created this year to celebrate important partners in the programs’ success, Connecting Experience Internship Supervisors, Connecting Experience Faculty Mentors, and BDP alumni. BDP students and alumni submitted nominations for outstanding supervisors, mentors, and alumni, and various committees of faculty and students selected the first recipients of these awards. Each award winner spoke a bit about their interaction with the Bridging Disciplines Programs in a video playlist.

Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient: Brendan Chan
Ethics & Leadership BDP Certificate, 2011
Member, BDP Alumni Advisory Group
Program Manager – Engineering Education, Google

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award Recipient: Dr. Shannon Cavanagh
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts

Outstanding Internship Supervisor Award Recipient: Geoff Hensgen
Program Director, Colorado River Alliance

attendees of the Bridging Disciplines Programs 15th anniversary