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2017 Research Showdown Winners Announced

Six undergraduate researchers were recognized for their research projects and communication skills at the Texas Student Research Showdown on Nov. 15, 2017. A live audience, including a panel of faculty and student judges, heard six-minute presentations on topics including oil and gas well drilling, the secondhand clothing industry in Uganda, and the perception of those who stutter. The six finalists qualified for the event with creative, attention-grabbing videos that were voted on by the student body.

First place
Mitchell Johnson

  • Mechanical engineering senior
  • “Automated Drilling Fluid Property Measurement”
  • Mitchell aims to improve oil and gas well drilling by automating measurements of fluid pressure.
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Second place
Thomas Dougherty

  • Mechanical engineering senior
  • “Making Waves with Bluetooth”
  • Thomas works on using patterns in Bluetooth signals to control elements of the user’s environment.
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Third place
Min Ji Son

  • Biology and sociology senior
  • “Inheritance of EDC effects”
  • Min Ji studies the ways that endocrine-disrupting chemicals effect individuals and their offspring.
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Honorable mention
Zaria El-Fil

  • Psychology and African and African Diaspora Studies sophomore
  • “Exploring Uganda’s Secondhand Clothing Industry”
  • Zaria examines how the globalized secondhand clothing industry impacts the culture and economy of Uganda.
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Tess Johnson

  • Speech language pathology junior and IE Pre-Grad intern
  • “Out of the Stuttering Closet: Success through Self-Disclosure”
  • Tess studies how self-disclosure effects communication for people who stutter.
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Paul Lee

  • Mechanical engineering honors senior
  • “Safety Risks of DIY Electric Skateboards”
  • Paul works on improving battery management for electric skateboards.