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Meet the UGS Class of 2017

The School of Undergraduate Studies is excited to welcome our fifth batch of freshmen to the Forty Acres. While our inaugural 2009 class had 708 students, our current class has 1,173*. Additionally, we have 104 freshmen in PACE, a new UT/Austin Community College co-enrollment program.

Orientation AdvisorsWhile taking core coursework applicable to all degrees, Undergraduate Studies students have the opportunity to explore all the university has to offer before selecting an academic path.

Each UGS student is assigned an academic advisor and career counselor from the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling. UGS advisors meet one-on-one with students multiple times a semester as they identify new interests, pursue long-held passions, and transition to college life and academic expectations. Career counselors work with students to explore how their strengths and interests relate to possible careers.

Class Snapshot

Distinguished and diverse students make up our newest class.

45% ranked in the top 5% of their graduating classes
73.8% ranked in the top 8% of their class and were automatic admits to the university
Four students scored a perfect Math/Verbal SAT score

30% selected UGS as their first or second choice major

47.4% male and 52.6% female

40.2% White
30.3% Hispanic
15.6% Asian
5.5% Black/African American
3.6% Multiracial

86.8% Texan
8.5% Out-of-State
4.7% International

*Official enrollment numbers subject to change through the 12th class day