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The Unforgettable Summer Internship

The Bridging Disciplines Programs’ (BDP) 10th anniversary celebration will be Friday, September 28. Check back for updated news and stories about the BDPs this week.

Studio Art major Danny Nouri joined the Digital Arts & Media BDP (BDP) in his third semester at UT Austin. For his Connecting Experience, Danny completed an internship with Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles, California during the summer of 2012. He was awarded a Connecting Experience scholarship for this experience. Danny will graduate in fall of 2013 and plans to return to California to seek job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

When planning my Connecting Experience, I knew I wanted to travel somewhere other than Texas, and I wanted to do something pertaining to graphic design. After researching different programs and businesses, I knew I wanted to spend my summer at Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is a very successful company with a very beautiful lot and I knew I could make many connections that would benefit me in my future career endeavors.

The department that I worked for was responsible for working closely with the Marketing, Publicity, and Sales Department to produce print materials for use by Sony Pictures Television. I worked along side Production Managers and Art Directors using a variety of computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and SlideRocket to develop collateral including posters, email blasts, drink coasters, belly bands, post-it notes, and magazine advertisements. Some of the properties I worked on were Breaking Bad, The Amazing Spider-Man, Community, Men at Work, Shark Tank, and Franklin & Bash, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. We were responsible for creating products that would benefit both the domestic and international markets. My time was also spent working under the Photography Manager learning how to properly retouch, tag, and archive photography.

There were many perks to working at Sony Pictures, from the free movie screenings every week to the basketball court and Yogurtland directly on the lot. Seeing celebrities became an everyday event from Seth Rogan to James Franco to Sean Penn. Another perk to interning at Sony Pictures was that each Friday all 108 interns would go to would attend Intern Development Day, in which a handful of executives from different departments would speak to us about their career paths and provide helpful advice to students about the industry.

I know that I will never forget this Connecting Experience and that I will be back to Los Angeles post-graduation. Finding a place where you can enjoy your work and are exciting to wake up in the morning is awesome, and I definitely found that in my internship at Sony Pictures.

Written by Danny Nouri and edited by Erin Thomas, Associate Academic Advisor in the BDP Programs.