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UT President Highlights Signature Courses

In a recent message to the UT Austin community, President Powers explained his vision for a 21st century public research university, which includes offering “…the highest-quality undergraduate education, graduate programs, and research to prepare the next generation of leaders who will change the world.” President Powers offers the Signature Course program as one example of how UT Austin is fulfilling that vision (links added):

This vision for the future is taking shape in many ways on our campus, much of it inspired by the Commission of 125. The Commission emphasized the importance of pursuing excellence, enriching the undergraduate experience, and developing strong leadership for academic departments and research centers. Here are some of the changes under way that reflect our commitment to this vision.

UT has overhauled its core curriculum for all undergraduates, adding a mandatory rigorous intellectual experience known as the First-Year Signature Course, which includes coursework in disciplines such as English, history, social sciences, math, natural sciences, and the performing arts. These courses are designed to develop important skills in writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, ethics, and independent inquiry…

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