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UGS Student Interns for the Yankees

Max Gold is currently a student in the School of Undergraduate Studies. He plans to pursue Economics after his transfer to the College of Liberal Arts.

UGS second-year student Max Gold spent his summer in Manhattan, in a suit, interning with the New York Yankees’ Business Development department. Every day, Max showed up at Yankee Stadium, where he worked with premium clientele and corporations. No two days were the same: each brought a new experience or interaction with a different person. Max’s duties involved escorting clients and former players through the stadium, delivering gifts to clients, answering phones, and doing research.

Max learned about the paid internship from a friend who previously interned with the Yankees. He submitted his application and resume, then flew to New York during spring break for an interview. He recalls standing in the new stadium, thrilled to be there, and thinking about what an incredible opportunity it was. The Yankees were excited about him, too—he quickly received an offer.

After completing a strict confidentiality agreement to protect client privacy, Max spent two days interviewing with different departments in the Yankee franchise to determine which would be the best fit for him. In the end, Business Development won out.

When he started the internship, Max thought he’d spend his time serving coffee and sitting in an office. While he did put in long, hard hours doing clerical work, his supervisors made sure that he learned the business, seeing the behind-the-scenes work of a major baseball franchise, and had a good time while doing it. Max even saw some of his suggestions implemented, and watched A-Rod hit his 600th homerun.

Not surprisingly, Max reflects that last summer was one of the greatest of his life. He lived in his own Manhattan apartment, experienced the realities of the work world, and learned more about what he wants in his own career. He also made some fantastic friends: looking back, Max says the best part was the relationships he developed with the other interns, many of whom were college students or law school students entering professional internships. They still keep in touch, and met up in New York for a reunion over winter break.

Max is grateful to his parents for allowing him to travel far away for his undergraduate degree—he’s originally from New York—and for encouraging him to pursue an amazing opportunity, even though the significant time commitment it required meant he wouldn’t be with family much over the summer months. Max hopes to intern again next summer with the Yankees, and possibly start his career after college with the franchise. He now plans to study economics as an undergraduate at UT, which he feels will help him prepare for this career path.

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