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Entrepreneur Visits with UGS Students

Entrepreneur Lee Walker will meet, up close and personal, with a small group of Undergraduate Studies students in the Tower to chat about careers, choosing a major, and how choices made in undergraduate careers can affect life after college. The talk is part of the Magellan’s Circles series, which gives UGS students opportunities to talk more intimately with successful professionals about paths through college and to eventual careers.
Current UGS students may RSVP.

Walker has been called a serial entrepreneur, but this description does not truly capture his diverse interests and involvements. Named 1998 Austinite of the Year by the Austin Chamber of Commerce for community leadership, Walker also received a Lifetime Achievement award from the Texas Nature Conservancy and an Outstanding Philanthropists award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. As president of Dell from 1986 to 1990, he ushered the company’s first public offering, and is also a founding board member of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and served as its chair.

Walker teaches a UGS first-year Signature Course, as well as courses in Plan II. A student in one of Walker’s Plan II courses enthused “His class is so eclectic. I don’t know a student in there who doesn’t get involved in discussion about something that matters today.” Walker’s courses in the Graduate School Business Management Department have won best teaching award three times. Walker also serves on the UGS Advisory Board, and leads a Freshman Reading Round-Up session.

Magellan’s Circles provide an open forum for students to ask questions and gain insight into a variety of paths to career options. Up to twenty students will participate in each round-table discussion, each with a speaker handpicked by Dean Woodruff. One past participant reflected that he “really enjoyed the casual environment in which I could just sit down with someone who is extremely successful and ask him real questions that have been bothering me.” Another participant said that “… it was a personal setting, where we could introduce ourselves and talk to the speaker on a more personal level rather than a lecture to a huge class.”

The event takes place Tuesday, late afternoon, and is open to current Undergraduate Studies students. If you are interested in attending or have questions, please email us.

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