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Honors Colloquium 2010 Gears Up

UGS staff are busy planning for the July 22 arrival of several hundred rising high school seniors. They’ve been invited to the Honors Colloquium, a weekend Undergraduate Studies event that will give them, the highest-achieving students from schools across Texas, a taste of college life.

Students participate in college-level Honors classes, attend a small Signature Course seminars, and have a chance to explore some of UT’s world-class research facilities. They have a chance to explore the social aspects of college, too: each student is assigned a cohort, a group of 30-40 other colloquists with whom they’ll live, attend classes, and spend time for the three-day event.

Mentors lead each cohort, and not just during the event: Dorrel Willis, a senior who mentored last year’s colloquium, says that he still stays in touch with students who ended up at UT after attending colloquium. “We’re not just here for that period of time,” he explained.

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