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CSA's Rosanna Mastrangelo Named Outstanding New Advisor

Rosanna Mastrangelo was awarded National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Outstanding New Advisor Certificate of Merit. NACADA selected Rose from a pool of nominees including institutions around the nation. Rose will be recognized at the NACADA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida this October.

Rose’s colleague Alexia Apollo describes Rose’s “empathy…she offers caring support for every student with whom she meets. Rose keeps her students well informed and provides personalized attention to each.”

Previous to working in the Center for Strategic Advising, Rose worked for For Love of Children, a Washington, D.C. non-profit that provides continuous educational services that help young children and high-risk youth with resources to achieve success. Rose’s specialty was assisting at-risk high school and college students with gaining access to higher education. After seeing students need help being successful after admission, she applied to work in Undergraduate Studies. Rose graduated last May with her Master’s Degree in Counselor Education with a concentration in Higher Education Counseling.

Advisor Brad Popiolek says that Rose “focuses all of her passion and attention on each student and does an excellent job building a rapport with every individual.” Brad added that students regularly return several times to thank Rose “for everything.”