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10 Tips to Be a Successful UGS Student

You’ve attended orientation, you know a little more about what it means to be a UT student, and you’re looking to make the most out of your first semester at The University of Texas at Austin. School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) academic advisors Angela Rabe and Sarah Talley compiled ten tips that will help you get ahead between the end of orientation and the beginning of the fall semester.

  1. Submit test scores and transcripts
    If you haven’t sent your AP scores or high school/dual credit transcripts, do so before the semester begins. If you need to take a placement exam, research information about foreign language, chemistry, and math placement exams.
  2. Check your Registration Information Sheet and your email
    Check your registration access times for additional registration periods during August. This will give you the chance to make adjustments to your schedule if you didn’t square it away at orientation. Also, check your email for important information from the university and UGS. Email is the university’s central means of communicating important deadlines, extracurricular opportunities, and emergency information, so keep an eye on your inbox.
  3. Don’t be afraid to explore majors
    You might have a specific major in mind, but don’t limit yourself to just one option. There are over 170 fields of study offered at UT and we bet you haven’t even heard of a lot of them! Keep your interests in mind while looking at all that UT offers. You might find something that piques your curiosity in a college or school you weren’t considering.
  4. Utilize Wayfinder
    Wayfinder is a useful tool that will help you learn more about the different majors and their internal transfer and degree requirements. You will learn how to declare each major, which courses you’ll take, some possible career options, and what kind of personality traits and skills are the best fit for each major. You can also read about the paths former students and current professionals took to find their majors and careers.
  5. Meet with your academic advisor
    Your advisor can assist you with major exploration and course planning, and he or she can connect you to campus resources. If you have questions and aren’t sure where to go, your advisor in the Vick Center is a great person to start with.
  6. Meet with your career counselor
    Your career counselor at the Vick Center will help you clarify what you want to do in life by engaging in a collaborative process of major and career exploration. You can take a career assessment to learn more about your personality, generate some career ideas, or confirm some options you’ve been considering. Your career counselor can also help you write and edit resumés, research internships, and plan for graduate and professional school.
  7. Know your internal transfer requirements
    You can spend up to four semesters in the School of Undergraduate Studies, so you will eventually transfer to another college or school at UT through the internal transfer process. It’s important to be aware of the specific courses, credit hours, GPA, and application requirements, because the internal transfer application process can vary for each major. It’s easy to get bogged down and not look ahead. Mark your internal transfer deadline on your calendar at the beginning of the semester.
  8. Take advantage of your resources
    As a UT student, you have access to a multitude of campus resources that offer academic and social support. Interested in conducting research as an undergraduate? Learn about the ever-changing opportunities from the Office of Undergraduate Research. Need help studying for a course? Use your five free tutoring sessions per semester at the Sanger Learning Center.
  9. Seek experiences outside the classroom
    College is about more than just classes and grades. Get involved, meet friends, and develop skills and interests outside of the classroom. Find a student organization to join or start one of your own!
  10. Join us for Gone to UGS on Aug. 29!
    The event welcomes new Undergraduate Studies students to UT with a barbecue dinner, give-aways, fun activities, and a class photo. This will give you another chance to meet fellow UGS students and attend Gone to UT together. Remember to wear the UGS t-shirt you received at orientation for the class photo.

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