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College of Fine Arts

An asterisk (*) denotes a physical location.

Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET)* – Programs to facilitate the creation of new works and inventions that explore, expand and transform the arts and technology. (Including a Bachelor of Science degree in Arts and Entertainment Technologies – an interdisciplinary major where students learn in a hands-on, project-based environment with creative technologies.)

Topics: Arts, Entertainment Technologies, Game Design, Digital Visualization, Performance, Lighting and Interactivity (PLAI), Music and Sound

Center for Creative Entrepreneurship (CCE) – Programs to promote entrepreneurship amongst creatives including weekly Ideas Lab meetups, 3 Day Startup for Creatives, a Creative Cup pitch event, and Pathways to Entrepreneurship speaker series. Courses include Women in Entrepreneurship ITD 350 and Creative Entrepreneurship ITD 115.

Topics: Creative Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Ideas Lab, Creative Cup, Pathways to Entrepreneurship, Women in Entrepreneurship

Center for Integrated Design (CID) – Multidisciplinary curriculum that offers all UT students the opportunity to study design methodology and apply it in creative and entrepreneurial scenarios. Programs include undergraduate and graduate courses, a Bridging Disciplines Program (BDP) certificate in Design Strategies, and an Executive Education program to provide design thinking courses, trainings, and workshops for businesses, nonprofits and K-12 and higher education institutions, and individual learners.

Topics: Integrated Design, Design Thinking, Design Strategies, Qualitative Design, Digital Experience Design, Human-Centered Design

Portfolio in Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship – Graduate certification program that provides students with cross-disciplinary theoretical and practical training related to the management and governance of arts and cultural organizations, and/or the business dimensions of an entrepreneurial artistic career. The portfolio is jointly sponsored by the College of Fine Arts and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

Topics: Arts, Cultural Management, Entrepreneurship

The Foundry* – Maker space located on the third floor of the Fine Arts Library that offers 3D modeling and printing resources, an audio/video production and editing studio, an interactive game and mobile applications studio, a studio for microelectronics and animatronics, a high-tech music production studio, and a multi-faceted fiber art studio to experiment with technology-enhanced costumes and wearables.

Topics: Maker Space, 3D Printing, Audio and Video Production, Gaming, Microelectronics, Animatronics, Music Production, Fiber Art, Wearables