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Sophia “Sophie” Johnson (She/Her/Hers)

Sophie Johnson
Inventor’s Program Coordinator, College of Natural Sciences
Team management, translational research, communicating science, mentoring

LinkedIn | Sophie directs the Inventors Program under the College of Natural Sciences. The Inventors Program builds a bridge between theory and application by pairing students with innovative faculty and engaged industry partners to delve deep into authentic STEM projects. Students apply their science education, think like entrepreneurs, leverage their unique backgrounds, and build their network. Our Inventors students exit their experience as a diverse, interdisciplinary cohort of undergraduate students equipped to tackle today’s cutting-edge STEM challenges in industry and government.

Sophie gained experience in higher education in the sciences by developing a new curriculum (at the time) for introductory chemistry courses at UT following her completion of a B.S. chemistry degree right here at UT Austin. She then built up and managed a peer learning assistant program in the chemistry department designed to engage students in peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.

She took a short break from higher education to develop new metadata products at Indeed. She participated both as an analyst and a team manager which required collaboration with engineering, marketing, UX, and product management teams across the global company.

In all that she does, Sophie is passionate about connected people with the resources and mentorship to engage in the projects they’re passionate about and gain experiences that lead to their success. She would love to talk with you about anything from engaging in translational research to leading a team of peers and more!

Ask me about: Translating experiences to skills in a resume/interview, job searching, identifying mentors, UT Austin resources (for anything in general!), team management