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Mariam Matin (She/Her/Hers)

Mariam Matin
Co-Founder, Second Day
Social impact and entrepreneurship, the job search, marketing and communications

LinkedIn | For the past three years, my team and I have been tackling the question: “If 60% of millennials want to make an impact in their careers, why do only 20% end up in social impact?” This question was compelling to me because we found two key themes emerge: (1) people not knowing enough about the industry (2) the pressure to follow more traditional paths of one’s peers. And I don’t believe those are good enough reasons to not follow a path where someone can find professional and personal fulfillment tackling society’s toughest challenges. Enter, Second Day!

From the many volunteers and interns who supported us in the early days, to the dozens of employers we partner with now, we have demonstrated an ability to create a brand and story that resonates with a wide range of stakeholders. We built and ran a custom social impact job board, focusing on a curated set of mission-driven organizations. This allowed us to create a thoughtful structure of identifying high-impact and high-potential employers for job seekers. We built a fellowship program from the ground up at Georgetown, Harvard, Rice, and UT Austin, supporting a diverse and highly accomplished cohort of seniors who are entering the social impact industry after graduation.

And we have only just begun!

Ask me about: How to find a job in social impact, how to present yourself effectively in your job search, marketing/communications, and building and running a start-up