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Facilitator Resources

All of the resources provided in this website will be helpful for planning alongside your Mentor how your First-Year Interest Group (FIG), Transfer-Year Interest Group (TrIG), or 360 Connection will operate in our current moment, and the FIG and TrIG requirements being messaged on this site are as relevant to FIG and TrIG Facilitators as they are to peer mentors.

As a reminder, in order to qualify as a 360 Connection, your class, group, or program must meet regularly in small groups, involve both a peer mentor and a staff facilitator, have an overarching academic topic or curriculum, and incorporate the five shared experiences:

  • Connect with Faculty
  • Foster Inclusivity
  • Live as a Longhorn (Integrity/Honor Code, UT pride, BeVocal, University Health Services and Health Promotion Resources, volunteer and service-learning, campus safety and security)
  • Learn as a Longhorn (academic wellness: study skills and time management, library resources)
  • Find Your Path (explore academic interests and career opportunities)

In addition to the information, requirements, resources, and best practices for FIGs and TrIGs on this website, more facilitator-specific information can also be found in the following places: