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Independent Inquiry Flag Learning Objectives

The following learning objectives were developed by the faculty committee that oversees the Independent Inquiry Flag.

  • Students will identify a creative, focused, and manageable research question or topic for inquiry.
  • Students will identify and synthesize existing knowledge and research relevant to their inquiry topic.
  • Students will draw from one or more disciplinary perspectives to design a methodology for answering their research question or pursuing their inquiry.
  • Students will gather, evaluate, synthesize, or create relevant evidence, knowledge, or other elements to reveal insights about their topic.
  • Students will present a conclusion or creative work that logically follows from the inquiry findings.
  • Students will critique their own inquiry process and the processes of others when possible, demonstrate that they understand the limitations of their conclusions or results, and identify directions for future inquiry.
  • Students will demonstrate that they understand the implications of their research and its translation to practical applications.