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Felicia Pena

Felicia Pena
Communication Studies (Human Relations) and Sociology
Graduation Year:
Summer 2012

The FIG program was a great resource for me my freshman year and I enjoy being able to be that resource for incoming freshmen as well.

How has it helped you or changed your life in any way?
FIG is something that I look forward to every fall. Meeting new people and planning fun activities while watching these students grow and mature in just a semester is so rewarding. I experienced how great FIG was my freshman year and wanted to be a part of this awesome program and continue making the transition from high school to college just as fun for new students. My college experience would definitely not be the same without it.

Describe one of your most memorable FIG moments.
One of my most memorable FIG moments was making tie-dye shirts with my figgies. We all had such a great time making different designs and mixing cool colors. What made it even better was when everyone wore their tie-dye t-shirts the next week to FIG seminar for our scavenger hunt through the Texas Union. We definitely stood out while running through the Union and it made for an awesome figgie picture!

Describe the program in one word and explain why you chose that word.
Rewarding. In a FIG, everyone wins. New students get to learn so much about the campus and it’s resources all while having a great time and making new friends. Mentors get to plan these fun events and watch their students grow and enjoy their first semester at UT. It is definitely a program that is worthwhile and reaps benefits.