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Cody Permenter

Cody Permenter
Multimedia Journalism
Graduation Year:
Summer 2014

The FIG program has been such a large part of my college career. I joined the ResFIG program when I was a freshman so that I could meet people and create friendships that would last a lifetime. This program helps students make the tough transition from high school to college by creating a sense of community between peers. I truly believe that the FIG program is one of the most valuable programs on campus because it touches the lives of so many students and makes the campus seem smaller.

How has it helped you or changed your life in any way?

The FIG program allowed me to get involved on campus and in the community early on in my college career. The connections I have made with other students have allowed me to explore different student organizations and become a leader on campus. The FIG program also helped me discover my passion for mentoring. After my experience of being a FIG student I became involved in several mentoring opportunities on campus, such as becoming an Honors Colloquium mentor, an Orientation Advisor, and becoming a FIG mentor myself. The FIG program has defined my college experience and made it one to remember.

Describe one of your most memorable FIG moments?

One of my most memorable FIG moments was when I held a video contest for my FIG students during one of the first FIG seminars of the year. I was still really nervous about mentoring and wasn’t sure if they were enjoying the seminars. This particular seminar I had them split into two teams and they had 45 minutes to shoot and edit a video about the UT Honor Code. The students seemed to be really excited about this challenge and they has a lot of fun creating the movies. The best part was being able to watch their finished projects at the end of the seminar. This experience gave me confidence as a mentor and allowed me to connect with my students while they had fun.

Describe the program in one word and explain why you chose that word.

Essential. This program is essential to the life of a first year student at UT because it helps students form study groups, make friends and adjust to the university.