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Types of FIGs

All FIGs cover topics and issues related to first-year students and connect students with the many resources and opportunities available at the university.

College/Program FIGs

A college/program FIG is comprised of students enrolled in the same college/program and sometimes the same major. The courses are chosen by each college, and will satisfy both core curriculum and major required degree requirements. A peer mentor and staff facilitator lead each FIG’s weekly seminar.

Interdisciplinary FIGs

Interdisciplinary First-Year Interest Groups (iFIGs) are theme-based learning communities, which focus on topics of interest that appeal to students across disciplines. Similar to college-based FIGs, iFIGs fulfill the first-year student’s 360 Connections requirement and are led by a peer mentor and a staff facilitator.

Each iFIG consists of roughly 17 students who meet in a weekly seminar setting, where they share snacks, resources, and experiences. Students also attend two academic classes together based on their theme: a UGS 303 Signature Course and a social science course, both of which satisfy parts of the UT core curriculum. Best of all, any first-year student can enroll in an iFIG, giving them the opportunity to start building a social network with individuals outside of their majors and colleges.