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Discovery Scholars Program FIGs

The Discovery Scholars Program (DSP) is a learning community designed to assist select students in the School of Undergraduate Studies with their transition from high school to college. This 360 Connection offers individualized academic coaching and planning, student development, peer mentoring, tutorial assistance, and an overall emphasis on comprehensive wellness. Students in DSP will focus on developing the knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive in college with a focus on connection to university resources, study strategies, and major and career exploration. All students in DSP will enroll in a DSP FIG. Please contact the DSP Office at 512-232-7585 if you have questions.

Sample FIG Clusters

UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
M 305G Prep for Calculus (CNS
CH 108 Conference Course 
CH 301 Principles of Chemistry I

UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
SOC 302 Intro to the Study of Society 
RHE 306 Rhetoric and Writing

UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
P S 303 Intro to Phys Sci I: Mech & Heat
C C 303 Intro to Classical Mythology