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Moody College of Communication FIGs

Making the transition to University life can be confusing and stressful. The Moody College of Communication aims to ease this transition for students through the First-Year Interest Group Program (FIG). Students who participate in the Moody FIG Program find their freshman year to be informative, enlightening, and fun. Moody FIGs seek to create and foster collaborative student communities formed around majors and shared interests. The curriculum has been specifically designed to support a holistic approach to learning that nurtures lasting connections to peers, faculty, staff, the Moody College and The University of Texas through academic, personal, and social components. For more information, please call 512-471-1553 or visit the website

Sample FIG Clusters

Advertising FIG
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
TD 301 Intro to Theatre
ADV 319 Psychology of Advertising

Radio-TV-Film FIG
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
RTF 307 Media and Society
TD 301 Intro to Theatre

Communication and Leadership FIG
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
COM 301L Intro to Comm & Leadership
CMS 306M Professional Comm Skills