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Student Fellows

The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) Student Fellows are current and former UGS students who promote exploration, leadership, community, and engagement within UGS. Fellows are ambassadors who introduce resources to current and prospective UGS students, share their UGS story, participate in events, represent the school in communications projects, and more.

UGS Student Fellows are chosen on their ability to serve as a spokesperson for the school, model leadership, and self-reflect on their UGS experience. Fellows maintain a high level of engagement with UGS. Fellows must be available for a number of key school-wide events each semester.

Fellows will have the opportunity to hone leadership skills; build relationships with students, staff, and alumni; and give back to their initial college.


  • Current or former UGS student
  • Enthusiasm for the UGS mission
  • Interest in guiding students, sharing your story, and gaining leadership experience
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Willingness to learn about campus resources


  • Be positive and helpful
  • Promptly answer emails from students and staff
  • Available for key events in the fall and spring, including… Reading Round-Up, Leadership Summit, Gone to UGS, Family Weekend, Explore UT, as well as various events throughout the semester based on your schedule
  • Attend training on August 20, 2021

Fellows will receive a stipend each semester.


Apply to be a UGS fellow! Applications open each spring semester.

For questions or concerns, please email the UGS Events Team.