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Undergraduate Studies at Family Weekend

Associate Dean Larry Abraham and School of Undergraduate Studies staff welcomed families at a breakfast last Saturday as part of the Texas Parents Association’s annual Family Weekend. The breakfast featured a panel of speakers including Signature Course professor Dr. Michael Ferguson, senior academic advisor Julia Chinnock, and successful students who started UT as undeclared students in the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Larry Abraham talks with parents

After the breakfast, outreach program coordinator Laura Weingarten introduced services offered by the Sanger Learning Center and addressed the most common issues faced by freshmen during the transition from high school to college. “It’s always fun to see parents get excited about the work we do,” Weingarten said. “They are often the reason behind a student’s visit to one of our centers.”

“Family Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for parents and families to spend time with their students and see UT through their eyes,” said Kathy Uitvlugt, senior program coordinator for the University Honors Center and coordinator of the School of Undergraduate Studies’ Family Weekend events. “Not only does it provide students with the opportunity to bridge the gap between their lives on and off campus.”

Photo by: Amadeus Miranda