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Sydney Brobjorg

Sydney Brobjorg
International Relations and Global Studies
Graduation Year:
May 2017
"I discovered following my heart led me to a love of culture"

What major did you first apply to out of high school?

I was accepted into education but during orientation I decided to come in as undeclared in the School of Undergraduate Studies.

What was it like for you when people asked you “what’s your major”?

I explained that my parents had wanted me to do business and I didn’t want to do that, I also couldn’t see myself in the education field so I wanted the flexibility to explore my interests. UGS allowed me to think about what I would really enjoy studying. I was able to take intro courses in international relations and global studies that really helped reassure me that I wanted to pursue that as a major.

What were the circumstances that led you to discover your major?

I had a different path before college, I studied abroad in Israel and being in a different world opened up my mind to how other people live outside the US. I loved talking to new people and hearing their stories. In the back of my mind I always wanted to do something like that as a profession but had an internal fight within myself about pleasing my parents. Living abroad helped me but my freshman year I still worked really hard to get into the business school. When my GPA wasn’t high enough, I took it as a sign and applied to the program I wanted to study and was accepted!

How has the Discovery Scholars Program impacted your experience?

My class was the first class in DSP! I have seen it grow. It gave me the time to find something I loved, and set me up to be happy! I would have been a totally different person if I had gotten into business!