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Liz Tran

Liz Tran
Graduation Year:
"I discovered that being undecided doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you are one step closer to what makes you happy."

What major did you first apply to from high school?

I came in undecided because I was confused about what to major in. In high school I was pretty convinced I wanted to teach so when I came here and realized I didn’t want to be a teacher I didn’t know what to do!

What were the circumstances that led you to discover your major?

I wanted to work with people with mental disabilities so I looked into nursing, communication disorders, and neuroscience. I also looked at biology and found that, with biology and neuroscience, there was too much science. With nursing and communications disorders, it was too physical. Through this process I was able to identify psychology for the mental aspect with a biology minor for the mechanics. Being in UGS as a DSP student allowed me the opportunity to explore all these courses and majors.

How did being in DSP help your process?

I benefited from being reminded about the resources available to me, like tutoring. Also, going into UT undecided and having the chance to try on different majors by taking different courses helped me find a good fit. I got to have a clean slate as an undeclared student. Receiving the message that it was ok not to know what I wanted to do allowed me the time to figure it out.