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Joshua Sherden

Joshua Sherden
Graduation Year:
"I discovered that the journey is all about doing something you love and seeing the world from a different perspective."

What school or major did you apply to straight from high school?

I applied to McCombs for finance.

How did you feel when you found out you were not accepted into your first choice school?

I was disappointed! I did really well in high school and set a high standard for myself. When I got rejected, I thought maybe I wasn’t as qualified as I had thought. I worried I wasn’t as qualified as other students on campus.

What were your thoughts about being a part of DSP?

When I first got in didn’t know what it was. I soon realized that my DSP coach was a great outlet for me. They listened to me and offered personal and academic support. They offered me so many resources like tutoring and connected me with different people to help guide me. Through the whole process they were really there for me and gave me guidance, advice, and encouragement. They encouraged me to get involved on campus which helped me identify what major I wanted to pursue.

How do you think your experience might have been had you gone straight into finance?

I would say at first I would have been satisfied but after a while I would have ended up changing. Back then my sole purpose for a major was money and in my mind being in business meant you could go anywhere and have a foot in the door. Through this journey I’ve come to realize it’s really about doing something you love to do and being a part of something in a major that just clicks with your personality. I’m doing things differently and seeing the world from a different perspective where money isn’t even on the top of my list. Advertising is a perfect blend between professional and creative/intuitive/fun.