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Gerardo Gonzalez

Gerardo Gonzalez
Public Relations
Graduation Year:
"I discovered that when I stopped focusing on money I was able to take charge of my life and start really learning."

How did you feel about coming in undeclared?

I was slightly disappointed when I wasn’t accepted into McCombs for business but I realized I wasn’t as invested as I thought. I still wanted to try to get into finance. Many people didn’t know about the School of Undergraduate Studies, so at first it was weird having to explain when someone asked me what my major was. But, it ended up being ok because I was interested in a lot and wanted to explore.

What was the process that led you to your current majors?

At first I didn’t think my GPA would be high enough to get into finance so I started looking at another way into corporate business. I tried economics but then I took a class in corporate communications and intro to professional communication. I was really interested and liked it a lot! I recognized I would rather be in an environment dealing in communication than in business. Before, I was all about making money but now I want to do something I have a lot of interest in. As a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist. I didn’t want to just be in college for a career. I wanted to learn something new and have fun in it. As a kid who came from a low economic background, I was motivated to make more money. Being in UGS allowed me to explore and the push to make money waned. I am glad it did because I pursued things I actually wanted to and I was able to major in both public relations and archaeology.

Do you think you would have questioned your choice had you gone straight into finance?

I don’t think I would have learned as much as I have now. I think I would have stayed on the path but I wouldn’t have felt as happy or felt as free to take charge of my life as I do now. Being in DSP helped me because my coach was like an encouraging parent always there to support me and set me up with helpful resources. They encouraged me to take initiative and try new things. I learned that I like to do a lot of different things! I also learned the value of new experiences.