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Carlos Devora

Carlos Devora
Graduation Year:
"I discovered I could give a voice to those who weren't being heard."

What school did you first apply to from high school?

I applied to McCombs for business.

How did you feel when you found out you were not accepted into your first choice school?

I felt disappointed in myself and I also felt scared, because everyone else around me in high school during senior year knew what their major was and what they were going to do. I felt I wasn’t a part of it all even though I was going to UT, one of the best schools in the world. I felt that I was a failure.

What were your thoughts about being a part of DSP?

The first day during orientation you get bombarded with a lot of information and I didn’t really know what DSP was. When I realized that DSP was there to help me I felt like I was part of a little secret group that I felt excited about.

What were the circumstances that led you to the school you are in now?

I was already taking classes in Moody and was familiar with the program. A friend was doing a story about a racial incident and I went because the issue was important to me. She was interviewing people, taking pictures, and reporting the story. It was the moment I decided that’s what I wanted to do! You’re taking a narrative, presenting to an audience, and giving voices to people that usually aren’t heard.

How do you think the time you had in DSP contributed to your current major?

Had I gone straight into business I would have been immersed in the business world and would have taken only business classes. Being in UGS as a DSP student I didn’t have any boundaries in regards to what courses to take so I could pick and take classes from any major I wanted. A lot of my friends my first year were already taking major-specific classes and they were bombarded with a lot of work. They seemed really stressed. While I also had a lot of work, I enjoyed the classes I was taking so it didn’t feel as stressful. Looking back, UGS and DSP were instrumental in building my core foundation of skills needed to succeed in a college setting.