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Adolfo Castro

Adolfo Castro
Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year:
"I discovered that if I kept a growth mindset I could overcome difficult challenges."

How did you feel when you learned you had not gotten into mechanical engineering straight from high school?

I was surprised and really disappointed! I was comparing myself to friends who had gotten in that I felt were at my same level and was wondering why I hadn’t. It was a little bit discouraging. However, I found out I was in DSP and went online to see what it was about. At orientation a lot of my friends were there too, so it felt like a community for all of us undeclared people!

What was your response when others asked you what your major was?

I felt shy about it and felt it would have been easier to be in a school instead of saying I was trying to get into a school. During the first month of school everyone asks where you are from and what your major is. I was very appreciative of the support I received from DSP that helped me feel like I wasn’t going through it alone. I even met my closest friends through DSP!

What was your process for finding your major?

I felt that if I tried hard enough, got my GPA up, and did my best in all my classes I could still do engineering. Since I was in UGS I used the time to discover if there was something else I would want to do. I took chemistry and thought about medical school. I spoke with friends majoring in chemistry and their classes didn’t seem interesting to me. In the end engineering was what I really wanted to do.

Do you think you would have questioned your choice had you gone straight into engineering?

I think so. I think I would have wondered about other schools like CNS. I wouldn’t have put as much thought into whether engineering was right for me. Because it is so hard to get into I wouldn’t have wanted to risk losing my spot.