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Student Profiles

Adolfo Castro
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2018

Adolfo is a junior studying mechanical engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering.

"I discovered that if I kept a growth mindset I could overcome difficult challenges."
Carlos Devora
Major: Journalism
Graduation Year: 2018

Carlos is a journalism major in the Moody College of Communication.

"I discovered I could give a voice to those who weren't being heard."
David Larsen
Major: Exercise Science
Graduation Year: May 2017

David is a senior in the College of Education studying exercise science.

"I discovered I could follow my passion instead of struggling in a major I didn't like."
Gerardo Gonzalez
Major: Public Relations
Graduation Year: 2018

Gerardo is a senior double majoring in public relations and classical archaeology.

"I discovered that when I stopped focusing on money I was able to take charge of my life and start really learning."
DSP student Jacob Parra
Major: Management Information Systems
Graduation Year: Spring 2021
"DSP has provided me with such a great community. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and really made UT feel smaller than it actually is."
Joshua Sherden
Major: Advertising
Graduation Year: 2018

Joshua is a junior majoring in advertising in the Moody College of Communication.

"I discovered that the journey is all about doing something you love and seeing the world from a different perspective."
Liz Tran
Major: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017

Liz is a senior graduating with a major in psychology and a minor in biology.

"I discovered that being undecided doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you are one step closer to what makes you happy."
Miah Orneals
Major: Audiology
Graduation Year: Fall 2021
"Everything that DSP has done for me and being in School of Undergraduate Studies has shaped me to be the strong powerful woman I am today!"
Patrick Papa
Major: Biochemistry

Patrick is a senior who studied biochemistry and pre-pharmacy. He is currently finishing his last year in pharmacy school.

"I discovered that I can handle any challenge that comes my way, and I'll come out even more resilient."
Sydney Brobjorg
Major: International Relations and Global Studies
Graduation Year: May 2017

Sydney is currently double majoring in international relations and global studies, as well as Middle Eastern studies, with a Business Foundations Certificate.

"I discovered following my heart led me to a love of culture"