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Students in the Discovery Scholars Program (DSP) are required to complete several program requirements each semester in order to secure certain program privileges. These requirements are based on student classification and include semester-based advising appointments, seminars, and activities.

Incoming freshmen are required to meet with their DSP Coach at least twice a semester for their:

  • Touch base appointment (beginning of the semester)
  • Mid-semester check-in (middle of the semester)

All freshman and sophomore students are required to meet with their Sanger Learning Specialist:

  • Once per semester

All students are required to meet with their current college advisor before registration each semester:

  • All students in UGS meet with their Vick Center advisor
  • Students who have successfully transferred will meet with their school advisor

Student requirements and expectations will be communicated at the beginning of each semester at advising appointments and by email and Canvas. Students should note any change in program requirements as they receive updates.

Contact us if you have questions about requirements or want to find out what you still need to complete.