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College Coaching

Navigating the college landscape for the first time can be challenging, and the Discovery Scholars Program (DSP) is here to help. DSP students are assigned a college coach who is there to assist them during their time at UT Austin. Whether it be deciding on a major, discussing ways to improve study habits, or just a friendly check-in, a DSP coach is an invaluable resource for those times when a student needs to talk to someone for guidance in a safe and supportive setting.

Students can schedule an appointment with their coach through DSAT.

First-year students will meet with their assigned college coach twice a semester. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • The adjustment from high school to college
  • How a student is feeling about their classes and academic workload
  • Involvement on campus with student organizations, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Short-term and long-term goals, and an actionable plan for achieving them
  • Any pressing concerns a student may have

As students transition out of the School of Undergraduate Studies and into their new college, they will still have a college coach assigned to them. Students can meet with their coach on an individualized basis, and they retain access to all of the same services they received when they first entered DSP.

Attending UT Austin is an exciting experience, with endless possibilities and the chance to learn about oneself as a student and an individual. Like any journey, there may be unexpected obstacles and forks in the road along the way. Think of a DSP coach as a helpful guide along the trail of self-discovery, steering students in the right direction.