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2008-2010 Core Requirements

Students planning to graduate under the 2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog from the School of Architecture, Red McCombs School of Business, College of Communication, College of Education, Jackson School of Geosciences, or College of Liberal Arts must complete all of the following requirements.

Under the 2008-2010 Catalog, students graduating from the College of Natural Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree must complete all of the following requirements except the Signature Course.

Students graduating under the 2008-2010 Catalog from the College of Natural Sciences with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree and all students enrolled in the Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, and School of Social Work should consult with their advisors, as their core requirements may differ substantially from what is listed below.


Note that these lists have been updated since the publication of the 2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog.

First-Year Signature Course (Texas core code 090)
One of the following courses, completed during the first year in residence:

  • Undergraduate Studies 302, 303
  • Tutorial Course 3021

English Composition (Texas core code 010)2
One of the following courses:

  • Rhetoric and Writing 306 or 306Q
  • English 603A1 or Tutorial Course 603A1


  • A three-hour course with a Writing Flag or SWC designation

Note that the Writing flagged course counted toward this area of the core may also be used to satisfy other Flag and major requirements outside the core, but may not be used to satisfy any other requirement of the core.

Humanities (Texas core code 040)
One of the following courses:

  • English 316K
  • English 603B1 or Tutorial Course 603B1

American and Texas Government (Texas core code 070)

  • Government 310L and 312L
  • Government 1053

American History (Texas core code 060)
Six hours are required; three hours may be in Texas history. The following courses may be used:

  • History 314K, 315K, 315L, 317L, 320L, 320P, 320R, 329K, 333L, 333M, 334L, 334M, 336L, 340S, 341N, 345J, 345L, 345M, 351N, 351P, 355F, 355M, 355N, 355P, 355S, 356G, 356K, 356N, 356P, 356R, 357C, 357D, 357F, 357P, 365G, 366R, 366S, 376F, and other courses identified in the Course Schedule

Social & Behavioral Science (Texas core code 080)
One of the following courses:

  • Anthropology 302, 305, 307, 309L, 316L, 318L
  • Economics 304K, 304L
  • Geography 305, 306C, 307C, 308, 309, 312, 319
  • Linguistics 306, 312
  • Psychology 301
  • Sociology 302, 308, 308C, 308D, 309, 313K, 318, 319
  • Social Science 3011

Mathematics (Texas core code 020)
One of the following courses:

  • Mathematics 302, 303D, 403K, 305G, 408C, 408K, 316
  • Statistics and Scientific Computation 303, 304, 305, 306, 318
  • Mathematics 310P1

Natural Science, Part I (Texas core code 030)
Six hours in a single field of study. The following courses may be used:

  • Astronomy 301, 302, 303, or 307; 309; 309L; 309N or 309Q; 309Q or 309R; 309S; 309T
  • Two courses chosen from one of the following series:4 Biology 301D, 301L, 301M; 311C, 311D; 416K, 416L
  • One of the following series:4 Chemistry 301, 302; 301H, 302H; 304K, 305; 313N, 314N
  • Geological Sciences 401, 303, or 420H; 302C; 302D; 302E; 302K; 302M; 302P; 404C or 405; 305E; 307
  • Natural Sciences 306J, 306K, 306L5 (Note that this 9-hour sequence may be used to fulfill both parts I and II of the core natural science requirement.)
  • Physical Science 303, 304
  • One of the following series:4 Physics 301, 316; 302K, 302L; 303K, 303L; 309K, 309L; 317K, 317L
  • Biology 301E1
  • Physics 3211

Natural Science, Part II (Texas core code 031)
Three hours in a field of study different from the field counted toward the preceding requirement. Courses listed under Natural science, Part I, may be counted toward this requirement; the following courses may also be used:

  • Anthropology 301, 304
  • Biology 301C, 305E, 305F, 406D, 307D, 309D, 309F
  • Computer Sciences 302, 307
  • Geography 301C, 301K, 304E
  • Mathematics courses at the level of Mathematics 302 or higher, excluding courses used to fulfill the mathematics requirement

Visual and Performing Arts (Texas core code 050)
Three hours required. The following courses may be counted toward this requirement:

  • American Studies 330
  • Architecture 308, 318K, 318L
  • Art History 301, 302, 303, 325, 327J, 327L, 327M, 327N, 327P, 327R, 329J, 329K, 329R, 330G, 331K, 331L, 331M, 332K, 332L, 333K, 333L, 334, 335N, 335P, 337K, 338L, 338M, 339J, 339K, 339L, 339M, 341K, 341L, 346, 347K, 347L, 347M, 359, 360L, 361, 361L, 362, 362R, 363, 364, 365, 366J, 366N, 366P, 367, 370, 372
  • Classical Civilization 302K, 307D
  • Ensemble 103L, 103P, 105, 106, 107J, 107K, 207L, 107S, 109C, 109K, 109L, 109P
  • Fine Arts 310, 320
  • Music 201J, 201K, 302L, 302P, 303M, 303N, 303P, 606A, 307, 313, 334
  • Philosophy 317K, 346
  • Studio Art 320K, 320L
  • Theatre and Dance 301, 302T, 303, 303C, 317C, 317D

Note that no single course may be used to fulfill two core areas simultaneously, though in most cases students may satisfy both a core requirement and a major requirement with a single course.

1 Open only to students in the Plan II Honors Program.

2 State guidelines call for six hours of coursework in communication. At the university, three hours are provided by the English composition course and three are provided by one of the writing courses required for every undergraduate degree.

3 Government 105 is designed for transfer students with five or more hours in American government who need one hour in Texas government to fulfill the core requirement.

4 While it is recommended that students complete two courses from the same series, courses from more than one series may be combined to fulfill the natural science, part I, requirement. In all cases, the natural science, part I, requirement must be fulfilled by two courses from the same field of study.

5 The NSC 306J, 306K, 306L sequence was added to the core curriculum by D 6802-6803 of the General Faculty.