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Propose a Core Course


Instructors and colleges should use the online system to submit core course proposals for their courses. The proposal process helps UGS determine if a course meets the criteria for that core component area.

To complete a core course proposal, you need the following information:

  • Course Number*
  • Course Title
  • Syllabus (answers to questions in the core course proposal system should be easily identifiable on the syllabus)

To remove a course from the core curriculum, please email Jen Morgan with the reason for removal.

Each department, center, or academic program follows its own process and guidelines, which are established by each college or school. Proposed changes must be submitted in accordance with internal deadlines. Those planning a change should consult their dean before proceeding.

UGS refers the proposals to core component area subcommittees to ensure compliance with student competencies and then refers the proposal to Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (UGSAC) for approval.

Proposed changes are not ratified until they have received approval by Faculty Council and final approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

*If this course number will be new in the UT inventory and is not yet final, do not let this deter you from submitting your proposal. Contact Jen Morgan and inform her that the course number may change.